Fashion Trends 2017


At the start of a new year, I always like to take stock of the clothes I have. It's a great time to sort through them, making piles for giveaway or selling, and to practice a bit of minimalism. Check out my Capsule Wardrobe Addiction on Pinterest!

But there are always new fashion trends that I may or may not be interested in exploring. Let's take a look at Fashion Trends 2017!


With a prediction of $83-billion worth of sales by 2020, the athleisure trend will be around for 2017 and beyond. Think $500 Lucas Hugh leggings topped with a $400 Yeezy sweatshirt. Or maybe not? ;) Check out this budget version:

Budget Version: Yeezus Kanye West Hoodie, Yeezy Tour for $31.59

Cozy Knitwear & Sweaters that Ooze Danish Hygge

Wait, what??! Don't know what higgle is? Read my blog post on Danish Hygge! Michelle Obama (#Michelle2020) has always been a big fan of designer Thakoon Panichgul whose collections include multi-purpose items than can be worn as scarves or tied up into sweaters, starting at around $300. Hygge can also be found in items like fur slippers from Gucci at $995. 
Budget Version: V28 Women Polo Neck Long Sleeve Sweater $37
Budget Version: Vonmay Fux Fur Slippers with Memory Foam $12.99

Blush & Rose Quartz

Well, whether you're a fan or not, pale pink is here to stay for awhile. Renamed blush and rose quartz, this pink isn't just for girls - think grown up romance, strength and power. 
Vans Old Skool Tri Tone Sneakers $49.99

Primary Colors

Definitely not a fan of primary colors for clothing, but, it seems to have hit the runway in abundance last fall. You can make a statement with Prada's Colorblocked Neoprene Sneakers for $875, suitable for all black outfits, which offer colorful flowers such as daisies and tulips on the soles and sides.
Budget Option: Cole Haan Zerogrand Mary Jane Sneaker $65
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Put Some Zen into Your Life

Although this article by Shannon Byrne was written for freelance writers like myself, I thought it would be a great idea to share. So put some zen into your life by checking out these:

10 Meditation Apps to Help Find Your Zen as a Freelancer!

I'm really liking Pause, as I'm a very visual person, but I'm also a big fan of inspirational quotes, as with Quotiful's Mindfulness Collection. I'm also going to try Calm because the sound of 'rain on leaves' appeals to me, as does the 5-day guided meditation program with The Mindfulness App

Check them out! And be sure to visit my Pinterest boards: My Favorite Things and Reno, Deco, Organization & Minimalism, as well as the Everyday Minimalist Bar Necklace, so dainty and pretty!

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Kiva: Loans that Change Lives

Dreams are universal. Opportunities are not...

From one entrepreneur to the next, I know how difficult starting and running a small business can be. Once there's no longer a struggle, wouldn't it be nice to help others in the same situation?

Kiva gives you, yes you, the chance to make small loans to borrowers from around the world, who are working hard to start businesses and improve their lives. Some of the amazing people I've helped have included:

  • a university student in Jordan
  • a weaver in Guatemala
  • a dairy farmer in Albania
  • a taxi driver in Cambodia
  • a cattle farmer in Vietnam
  • a pharmacist in Tanzania

I'm already lending on Kiva and thought you'd like to join me!

(Use the above link to donate & Kiva will give me another $25 to re-loan, 
so your $25 donation is basically doubled!!) 
Many thanks for doing so!

Try lending on Kiva today! Fund a loan. Get repaid. Fund another.

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Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28

Available from Nordstrom...and be sure to check out My Favorite Things by Designs by Orysa Steele!
Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 Genuine Ostrich Feather Tank

Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 Crop Flare Leather Pants


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